Wednesday, November 07, 2007

UR daileee kiTteHs

Teh market is down how much? oh noes!

Where U going, Riplee??



madamab said...

The tongue!!! The cutetitude!!!!


Polly said...

The cutetitude!!!! said Madamab.

The belly fur on Ripley!!!! It's almost long enough to brush the sofa top.

That little gurl is well prepared for chasing mousies through winter snowdrifts. And she would be just as effective as a Swifer duster for doing housework.

If Ripley is this long-haired, Maddie must be even Plushier™, Yes?

zoe said...

teh teh plush!!!

you girls should know better than to invest in the China market!!!! there goes the Centaur's retirement!

Caminante said...

Maddie, ud better pay attenshion to the price of oil (or however it's said in Texas) and the dollar going down the tubz. That tongue action is oooh.! Ripley has sooo many furz to groom, though.

Silver Ross said...

zoe said...
oh my, silver of the silver-tongued-devil ….

Did you see that, Mlle. Madeleine? Zoe was talking abt ME!! in the down-below thread!!

How thrilling to be recognized as a "silver-tongued-devil"! Not as important as being a glamorous Internet Star like you, sweetest Madeleine. But still a thrill.

About your investments, Dearest One. I'd advise you to invest in a commodity sure to hold its value in bull or bear markets. [Isn't it amusing that humans name their most important things after us four-legged, fur-covered critters?]

Invest in Mousie manufacturers, esp the Canadian ones. Good times or bad, our kittenslaves will always buy us toys.

Silver, always loving fan

Anonymous said...

I hope Maddie hazn't gotz her college fund invested in mortgage securities.

I tol her and tol her they wuzn't safe.

Auntie flory

four legs good said...

Yes, Ripley's tummy hair is long, but she also has short little legs.