Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bad Astronomy's List

Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy Blog has posted his top ten images post for the year as well.

My favorite is above- I do love me some lightning. Here's the explanation:
Jens Hackmann took this stunning picture of a lightning storm near the Weikerscheim Observatory; the 300 second exposure is enough to see the stars streak and the observatory lit up by ambient light. Sometimes, when it’s cloudy, observing is difficult… but you can still get incredible pictures.
I agree with Plait, astronomy IS the most lovely science.


Anonymous said...

THAT is one fan-effing-TASTIC image!!!
Thanks so much for posting it!!!
Skritches to the kiddenz and a yummy adult beverage of choice for a deserving centaur!

four legs good said...

Yes, it is lovely, eh?

sometimes it's nice to remember how much loveliness the universe has to offer.

War On War Off said...

Just treated myself to a nice pair of Nikon binoculars for birdwatching, but I'm also looking forward to scanning the skies.

Anonymous said...

the folks gave me some cash w/the rest of the swag (I am VERY thankful for, by the way), and I am kicking around getting a dSLR camera body (Canon Rebel, so that my EF lenses already in my possession will crossover)...trying to decide if the 8MP is great for the price or spend a couple hundred more for 10.1MP...!?!?!
Peace and happy image gathering, regardless of format!

four legs good said...

Elspeth, I'd go ahead and get the higher mega-pixel, though the 8.2 is probably enough for your needs.

You'll be glad that you're sticking with Canon. The Rebel is a nice little camera.