Friday, December 28, 2007

Maxxine is plushy blogging

Maxxine is looking more like her god uncle everyday.

I hope War On War Off haz a rly gud VAACOOOM machine.


Polly said...

War On War Off,
This is the tiny fuzzy blue kitten of only a few months ago?

Where do you buy the Magic Plushy-Fur Food? Or is there a special spray to apply to cat before brushing?

Envious short-hairs want to know.

War On War Off said...

Thanks, fourlegs! I can haz beeeg, red, noisy Dirt Devil vaaacoooom mashin...not nided much tho cept far littar allll ovar mah huse. (It also sucks up the okaisional deomon...saw it on teh teevee). Maxxine duzn't hardly shed at all (Karmina axhually sheds mooore beeliv it r nut)!

Yes, Polly...same bat kitten, same bad time! As fourlegs rightly predicted, she got teh Maine Coon Plush!

ThePoliticalCat said...

Maxxine, your Uncle Maxx would be so proud of you. You are Teh Plushy GRRRL.

four legs good said...

Wait until spring. She's shed plenty then.