Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oh noes!!

HALP! I iz caught in teh tractor beam and teh death star iz pulling me ins.... HALP!!

I haz a bad feeling about this....


Silver Ross said...

Hang On, Mlle. Madeline, Hang On tight!!

I am rushing to your rescue, Silkey's almost got a wormhole open. He'll help me rescue you, darling gurl!

This time Uncle Arthur surely won't stop us from transferring at the Phoenix wormhole. He should come along to help save you.

Be brave, Sweetheart Kitteh, we're on our way!

Ripley, don't just sit there watching. Help your sister! Grab hold of her tail if her feet start rising from the floor!

Silver, heroic rescue fan

Anonymous said...

Young Riplee duzn't seem overly concerned that her sister is about to be sucked up by the tractor beam and kidnapped to the Pegasus Galaxy.

She think she's gonna get double rations of kibble nao?


four legs good said...

She's afraid the tractor beam is a variation on the evil VAACCOOOOOM machine so she's not gonna get too close.

ntodd said...

That iz no moon. It iz spay stayshun!

four legs good said...

I think UR rite.

Ripley, put us in reverse!!

Anonymous said...

Riplee -- remember first teh tractor beam comes for ur sister, then teh tractor beam comes FOR YOU!!


ThePoliticalCat said...

Such beauties! No wonder Silkey and Silver are in LURVE.