Thursday, December 27, 2007

Doggie blogging

My nephew, Joey.

He's cute, but a little silly.


Anonymous said...


bo said...

Would probably vote Huckajeebus, if'n he could vote.

Anonymous said...

Pin curlz?


Anonymous said...

Haz teh gurlzz met their cousin?


four legs good said...

No, though he does luv him some kittehs. He has his very own kitten.

Silver Ross said...

Cats and Dogs? Together?

Christmas season "Love, Peace and Joy to the World" is all very well, for a couple weeks. But do we Have to include dogs in all this tolerance thing?


Silver, fan of Kitteh Ladies

Anonymous said...

Spaniel ears! Curly spaniel ears!


Anonymous said...

He's got Joey Ramone's 'hair'.

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins