Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday gurlz kitteh blogging

While I'm at werk, pretending to be productive, teh gurlz R probly doing this:

...though it's entirely possible at least one of them is doing this....

... or both of them are doing this.

Kittehs like to stay busy, you know.


LittlePig said...

Ha! I love the dual action on the ball-a-round. I doubt any of my crowd would work together like that.

four legs good said...

Thas not a "ball-a-round" that's a PARTIKAL ACCELERATOR and theys doing eXPeriMENTS of FIZZIKS

kai thx bai

TheOtherWA said...

They'll do a couple of experiments, but they need to nap so they'll be wide awake and playful when their centaur gets home.

And it's almost CATURDAY!!!

grandefille said...

My fingers are just wiggling right now, wanting to SKRITCH THAT LOVELY BELLEH so athletically displayed in photo no. 3!!!

You're going to have to set up a motion-activated camera to get the shots on them on the phone ordering pizza and prank-calling the pet store, though. (We discovered HarryCat's yay-they're-gone-c'mon'a-my-house antics by pressing "redial." Who knew?!?!?)

grandefille said...

Weh. Photo No. 2, I mean.

I was overcome by teh plush. I blame myself.