Wednesday, December 05, 2007

U win, U can haz kittehs

Much better than stooopid Chevron ads, U think?


Jim said...

I wanna sleep like the kitty in the last picture.

bo, kitteh lustful said...

Now I need to WATB at Al Gore so he makes the Intertubes go so that I can give the kittehs skritches.

bo said...

Thankee, flg.

You're nearly as divine as Echidne.

Anonymous said...

Much better than stoopid ads.

And I diint even have to be all whiny dis time!


Anonymous said...

dear sweet plushy girl kitties,

do you have any news of zoey, in alaska?

--the other sarah

four legs good said...

Zoey is eating on her own now, and doing fine.

Polly said...

Sarah --the other sarah,

Zoey in Alaska is on I Can Haz Cheeseburgers, wearing her pirate hat. She's the bottommost pic for 12/05.

Four Legs' gurlz are looking typically lovely.
Is it possible to take a bad pic of them?

CoT said...


Anonymous said...

for you flg. great song about our beautiful 4 legged horsy's. recorded this summer at ut.

happy holidays to you & your goreous lil ladies. mwahhhh.