Friday, December 07, 2007

Rescued kittehs!!


And Fiona! with her best buddy Peteywheatstraw.

And HappyJack! he isn't this blurry in person.

Atriot Doug Watts rescued 3 kittens who were abandoned in a dumpster 2 weeks ago. SO adorable.

People who abandon kittehs to die in 20 degree weather should be shot.


Barry from Alaska said...

Pirate Kitter Zoey was abandoned in rainy February weather.

I agree with 4LG on the punishment for those who do that.

Doug is a hero.

Douglas Watts said...

Sad but true. Every cat I have ever had (10 and counting) were 6-8 month old kittens that had been dumped in a parking lot. There are some deep lessons here. Thanks 4Legs.

four legs good said...

Pirate Kitter Zoey was abandoned in rainy February weather.

Awwww. Our poor sweet Zoey was abandoned?

And of course lion kitty Maxx was abandoned as well. Silly Ripley was either abandoned or lost.

four legs good said...

doug, UR welcome.

Cuteness like that should be shared with teh world.

Polly said...

HappyJack is the most seriously intelligent looking kitteh I've ever seen.

His paws curled on his keyboard, waiting for the next line of poetry to form in his furry little brain, his eyes misted by Deep Thought.

The only thing he lacks is a pipe.

Anonymous said...

Petey is ONE BIG GUY.....

On behalf of all the guys who were thrown away, I'd like to say thanks to Doug, too.

And I don't much like cats, even.

/Arthur J. GWPDA

zoe said...

doug - you are a prince!!! the kittehs are adorable. amy you have many happy years together.....

steve simels said...

They should be defenestrated....

Poopyman said...

Hooray for Doug! Tux and all of our kittehs applaud.

I found Tux in the parking lot at work when he was but 2 days old. All (4) of the others came from shelters. My dear departed Spike ( a near twin to Maxx) was found at 4 months in a dumpster by a friend.

I honestly fail to understand how some people think.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Excuse me, Four Legs Good, Sir or Ma'm,

Ms. Ripley Chainsaw was not abandoned or lost. She had bravely escaped from the evil fairy godmother who'd kittennapped her.

I read all about it on the Internets. Maybe I can find the info for you.

Clever Ripley was a kitteh heroine, not silly.

Silkey, her true fan

Anonymous said...

I honestly fail to understand how some people think.

Some people are evil demons and don't think. Some people shouldn't be shot because that would be much too easy and kind.
Dull knives are a much better solution.

Doug, OTOH, is a true hero. With three teh cute kittehs.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Doug!
Thank you, on behalf of the kittens.

I think maybe the neatest thing anybody *ever* said to me, was the vet (a friend of several years' mutual love for the furry horde at Casa BlackSheep) upon meeting Alex, the latest rescue.
Alex came home with my oldest son, who found him in a K-Mart parking lot, bedraggled, half-starved, badly matted, full of burrs, (declawed and wearing no collar nor tags) and altogether pitiable. The vet's words: "Thank you for giving this little guy a chance to survive."

So fortunate we were: Alex, despite what appeared to have been months of hardship, had neither FIV nor internal parasites. Fleas/ticks, we deal with. FeLuke, alas, we can't: we've no other cats less than five years old now, and all are negative.

zoe said...

i am with you flory.
recent kintting blog led me to an adorable boxer who was left in a house FOR SIX WEEKS WITHOUT FOOD AND WATER! shithead still has not been brought to justice, but this little kid was rescued,and with the help of many loving people was brought back to life, and is now going to the home of the appraiser who came to the home.....sometimes I just do not understand.....

and then we have the Centaur who brings us Plushy pictures, and gives us hope!

ThePoliticalCat said...

Kudos to Doug, you generous soul! And many thanks to Teh Centaur of the many magic kitties! All of mine are rescues, and if I ever find someone dumping kitties, I will send them to their rightful and unpleasant reward. Lucky little ones to be found by Doug. Lucky Maxx and lucky Ripley Chainsaw. (sniff!) Oh Arthur, you big dope, you loved Maxx so, and you know you totally adore Maddie and Ripley. Pfft!

Bones said...

Thank you, Doug, for rescuing those kittehs! And such excellent names, too.

So say we, rescue kittehs all,

Mark Antony
Vivani Catpants
Orange Gina

grandefille said...

HarryCat was rescued as a five-week-old kitteh, lost in a storm, by his soon-to-be best friend, Rosie the Ritalin Dog. It was about three weeks later that we learned that he and his tiny siblings had been intentionally put out of the house, in the storm, by the CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED down the street. Apparently HarryCat was the only one who survived.

We turned the CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED down the street in to Animal Control and she was prosecuted. She also got beaten up, severely, in lockup on an unrelated charge when her cellmates overheard a deputy talking about her prior convictions. (Whoops!)

Sometimes they get a portion of what they deserve, y'all.

Those of y'all who are rescuers deserve millions of purrs, snuggles and kisses every day for the rest of your lives. HarryCat sends several dozen to each of you right now.

Culture of Tr√úth said...

I rescued Tiger from a parking lot dumpster.

He loves his home nao.

Potterchik said...

Rescued Kitten update:
After nearly $1000 worth of oinments, antibiotics, and vaccines, Fiona, HapppyJack, and Petey Wheatstraw are happily settled into their new home! Neutering is next. To our surprise, their older brothers (William and Waldo) have been very accepting. William, particularly, loves his little siblings. Waldo is sort of a high-anxiety kitty, but he will tolerate a certain amount of cuddling from the kittens, something he has certainly never done from any other cat.

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