Thursday, January 31, 2008


No! I did not eatted UR rug agins. Rly. I wuz jes looking 4 mah mousie.

an I wuzn't pawing at UR drapes. No, notz me! I doan no wer doz snags come from. Rly.


Plum Pudding said...

as long as they don't drink your whiskey, it's okay

War On War Off said...

Oh, and keep an eye on closed mini-blinds (especially the ones next to the scratching post). At my old place, Karmina bit through the strings that ties them together, and now she's teaching Maxxine that it's really a fine attention grabber to rifle through 'em when their kittehslave hasn't been paying enough attention!

Anonymous said...

The gurlz has supersecret names:
"Notme!" and "IdaKnow".
"The Family Circus" haunts my waking hours.


Anonymous said...

They have double sticky stided tape to put on rugs ect to stop kitties from attacking them; didn't work in my house because of dogs, children and mother in laws stepping on all the time but it's a thought for a child, dog and mother in law free home.