Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random kittenz

I'm depressed. This is my pathetic attempt to cheer myself up.


CoT said...

The second pic is just what Tiger looked like in 2005. I swear, he was the cutest!

four legs good said...

He still is the cutest.

Polly said...

Chocolates, try dark chocolates.

And a mellow wine. And of course the kittens.

I'm bummed abt Edwards too. He is the candidate that I could trust most to fight corporate control of our media and government.
Digby is right, our primary process needs to be reformed.

Try the Darkest Chocolate, and playing with ur Gurlz.

Anonymous said...

can't think of a better way mahself.

booze mebbe.

or recreational pharmaceuticals.

but kitteh pitchers iz teh effective.