Monday, January 28, 2008

Iz Monday

Teh plushy gurlz R mad that I haz werk this week.


War On War Off said...

U gurlz haz nice scritching post nau, so doan be mad!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling you gurlz. Yes, play with your new postie. That should help.


Poopyman said...

Yeah, my kidz are unhappy when I have to leave for work. I just tell 'em I have to go out and earn some catfood, and press on.

Silver Ross said...

So serious, Mlle. Madeleine?

If you're lonely Darling Internet Star, jump in the wormhole and come visit me. Your Uncle Arthur would let you transfer at Phoenix if you said you're going to visit a girlfriend, wouldn't he?

The Sun is shining in Northern CA!! We could lay out on my balcony and bask in the sunbeams. You could watch squirrels run up and down the palm tree, doing their mating dance.

[Squirrel mating is vigorous, but unsubtle. Not up to the sonorous, singing subtlety of feline love.]

Silver, connoiseur of loving

Anonymous said...

This is Angel Josefina. Saturday we shall discover whether Arthur wants to have her as his Little Sister.


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Ms. Ripley Sweetfoot, can U come visit us along with ur Big Sis?

We'd all luv to see U. Our human would be here to be a chaperon, never mind Silver's suggestive talk.

See, GWPDA just posted and Arthur J. didn't say a word against U gurlz coming thru Phoenix!

Please, dearest Kitteh Lady, come enjoy the sunshine with Me!

Silkey, sunbaked fan

Caminante said...

No werk no crunchies a sad fact of life.

Anonymous said...

GWPDA- Angel Josefina is adorabuhls. How could anyone say no? Arthur you must accept.