Saturday, January 05, 2008

Iz Caturday!

The gurlz R jes hanging out.


Plum Pudding said...

dear centaur, how it must be a pain to pick up all the dust bunnies at your place! with all that fluff around, you must have plenty of them

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Oh Ms. Ripley, adorable Ms. Ripley, I'm back!!1 Yesterday we were cut off from U all day and nite!

We were attacked by a fierce windstorm, howling gales that blew palm fronds into our balcony and rain almost thru our doors! The 'lectricity went off, so Silver an Me had to snuggle up to our human to keep her warm, we got back in bed and were quite comfy. Abt. 8 am the 'lectricity came on, but the Internets were unreachable … something abt the "Comcast" being blown away.

No Internets available to talk to U, sweetest of Kitteh Ladies, and no TV to watch news of local trees toppling, big rigs falling over … the exciting stuff. That was hard to bear.

Next time the 'lectricity went off, we all got back in bed (warmest place in the house) and our human brushed us for a long time. I think that was to calm herself and Silver, they were scared at the crashes and clashes of falling tree limbs and blowing debris.

I was glad to help her stay calm, tho of course I was very brave abt the danger.

So if U and I are ever in danger, sweet Lady, I will wash ur delicate pink ears, nuzzle under ur chinny-chin-chin and groom ur plushy fur coat … U will never have to be scared of the disasters clashing outside our house!

I missed U sooo much, mai dearest Gurl. Did U miss me?

Silkey, still ur greatest fan

War On War Off said...

Been hearing about those glad Silkey and Silver and their Human are safe!

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Oh, dear! Kittenz no longer! sigh.

Just all grown-up plushy young ladies who are gentle on the eyes and sweet on your heart.

four legs good said...

Oh Silkey! I am glad U R safe, and Ripley and Maddie R glad too.

Anonymous said...

Ripley looks quite winsome in the top picture.

And also very glad to hear that Silkey and Silver and their human are safe after the western storms.

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins

Polly said...

Sandy-LA 90034:
Surely the Gurlz are still kittens at heart.

Think of them as young teenagers. A 14 year old can put on makeup, adult hair style and clothes and fool you into thinking she's older. Until she opens her mouth, or until a kitteh gurl sees a milk jug ring.

Ripley complaining that Maddie "iz not serious" is the funniest thing I've heard in a while.* Considering what Four Legs writes about Ripley being such a little devil.

Maddie and Ripley will be our kitteh gulz for a good long time, Sandy. As long as Four Legs is willing to share them with us.

*Until this am, when a writer at Huff. Post referred to Romney as Dorian Gray!
I had wracked my brains to find who Romney reminded me of … and Dorian Gray is exactly right.

zoe said...

so pleased to hear the ross boys are okay --- and back to seduce the gurlz...don't pay attention, little ladies -