Friday, January 04, 2008

Primary Kittehs

U painting furnture? I halps U!

Nao I do sum fizziks.

Shhhh! Maddie is coming.

Halloooo! wut U doing?

Politiks iz boring.

We plays wit milk ring sted?

Feh. Maddie iz not serious.


Anonymous said...

Ripley is a B.Kliban KAT!


Anonymous said...

omg! She is a B.Kliban cat.

She has gotten very, very plushy.

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins

four legs good said...

Iz all fur. She iz funny though, with her stumpy little body and short legs, she looks like a big lump when she sits up.

Cracks me right up.

four legs good said...

Her ruff is spectacular.

Culture of Tr√úth said...

Maddie's getting laaaaaaargerrrrr!!!!!

four legs good said...

Luckily, I think she's stopped growing.

Caminante said...

"She has gotten very, very plushy."

A butterball? What a cute photo of Miss Ripley.

Anonymous said...

You realize I can actually hear them having this conversation?

It's not actually made up, is it?


zoe said...

OHHMYYYGODDDD....they are way too plushy --- and so beeyouteefull in all their plushiness!!!

Polly said...

Ripley is calling Maddie not serious. Ripley?

My, ur little gurl really is grown up! She must be all heavy thoughtfulness and furrowed brows, weighed down by that huge Elizabethan ruff.

four legs good said...

It's not actually made up, is it?


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

My goodness! Ripley has grown into her plushy best.

And I love Maddie's crossed paws.

Happy New Year to these precious fluffy girlz and their wonderful Centaur who makes these pictures possible.

Anonymous said...

methinks the damsel Ripley has surpassed all known levels of 'teh plush' and has created her own realm of "Teh PLOOSHY!"
Honestly in the first photo, I thought it was a brother/sister poster's booboo kidden...then I realized, Ripley's all growed up!
love to them both!