Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Pirate Kitteh Zoey!

Happy New Year, sweet girl. I'm glad to hear that you're playing and enjoying life!


Plum Pudding said...
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Plum Pudding said...

Merci for posting the SURVIVOR OF 2008 picture.

brave brave girl (and the pirate look suits her)


Anonymous said...

They're casting her in Johnny Depp's next movie.

Happy 2008 Zoey. Glad you're with us.


Anonymous said...

Avast, matie!


War On War Off said...

Bless her little pirate heart!

Caminante said...

Dear kitty. I couldn't tell what happened to her -- cancer? In any event, she's a plucky kitty and from the bit I saw of her blog, has lovely cat companions, too.

zoe said...

Yeah Zoey!!!!!

sekmet said...

She can always play Pirate Jenny in THREEPENNY OPERA.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Zoey -- you are such a brave and beautiful kitty!

I do hope the troubles with Arrow are over!

The Other Sarah

four legs good said...

Dear kitty. I couldn't tell what happened to her -- cancer?

No, one of the doggies in her household bit her and she was injured pretty badly.

She has permanent (probably) damage to her eyelid, which is why she's a pirate kitty. Her jaw was broken, so she couldn't eat- but her human Barry stuck with her, and hand fed her, and finally dealt with a feeding tube, giving her a chance to heal. Not many humans would go above and beyond that way.

Zoey is an excellent kitteh, loving and sweet and playful.

I'm glad she's still with us.

Barry from Alaska, Zoey pet. said...

Zoey gets cross posted.


Thanks 4LG.

four legs good said...

Of course!

We luuurrves us some Zoey.

Caminante said...

"human Barry stuck with her" Barry is a true saint (but I would do likewise).