Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Can You Spare Ten Bucks?

This is why I initially supported John Edwards- his commitment to poverty issues and helping disadvantaged youngsters get a college education. From his letter today:

You may have heard me talk about one of those programs called College for Everyone -- a scholarship pilot project that Elizabeth and I started a few years ago in Greene County, North Carolina.
The program is based on a simple promise to students: make good grades, work at least 10 hours a week, and stay out of trouble -- and the program will help pay for your first year of college. Since we launched this effort in 2005, the percentage of Greene County high school graduates attending college has increased from 54 percent to 74 percent.
As I write you, 165 high school seniors in Greene County are set to graduate in May and 94% have been accepted into N.C. colleges and universities. Most of these young people are doing just what many of us did -- sitting around the kitchen table with their parents, wondering how they will pay for tuition.
Every parent wants to give their child the opportunity that comes with a college education. But for too many American families, the dream of a college degree is just that -- a dream. Now, I need your help to make the dream of a college education a reality for some hard-working students in rural Greene County.
If you can spare $10 bucks or so, toss them this foundation's way.

The way we level the playing field in America is by providing opportunity for everyone. When I was a poor student, back during the jurassic era, it was possible (really hard, but possible) for a poor kid to work their way through college. These days, is flat out isn't.

Donation link is here: Center for Promise and Opportunity Foundation


Anonymous said...

I love John Edwards, and if he asks, well, I'm giving!

Thanks for putting this up so we can see it, 4LG.


four legs good said...

You're welcome!

zoe said...

Thanks for the heads up.