Saturday, May 17, 2008


Sandy wuz wondering about teh tail of DOOM. This photo shows off her fluffy britches as well.

Maddie still LURVES this plucked feather on a stick. She plays with the newer ones too, but I think this one is still her favorite.

"I haz a mousie." Ripley doesn't actually spend all her time in her half pipe, it just seems that way.

They hear something outside. No one will ever sneak up on THIS household.


Silver Ross said...

Sweetest Mlle. Madeleine, I've so missed talking to you. I wasn't allowed to use the computer as punishment by my cruel human. Punished for trying to give her a nice gift! Cruel, cruel ….

It was all the robin's fault. You remember our "outdoors" is a long balcony, cluttered with many plants and even a tree. None of them good to chew on, except the sweet allysum. But together they make a jungle to hide in.

So a few days ago I was outside admiring the dawn light and wonderous fresh smell of dewy greenery. Thinking innocent, aesthetic cattly thoughts, when this young robin alights on my balcony floor!

It hopped but one hop before I sprang upon the wretch, gripping it firmly in my mighty jaws! With my head held high, I strode proudly inside to present my prey to my beloved human, who was still asleep.

She leaped out of bed and took my robin away from me! She was supposed to admire my prey, not swipe it. Then she released it back into the wild.

Such waste! I could have had hours of fun with that robin. And my brother was so envious!

Beloved no more, cruel, perfidious kittenslave. The next birdie I'll keep to myself … well, share with Silkey maybe.

So I was punished for being a proper hunting cat. The pic of your mighty Tail O'Doom and britches makes up for it, tho. Especially the britches part, you sexy lady.

Silver, free lover

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Tail O'Doom. Such an entity unto itself. Love those crazy curly whiskers too.
Ripley is just too cute.


zoe said...

da Doom, da Doom!!!! What a magnificent tail!!! And all the Ross boys can comment on are your Britches! naughty naughty boys.

War On War Off said...

Britches are teh funny...I love that term. While her ruff may not yet be in, Maxxine's britches are hilariously thick and plushy.

four legs good said...

Ripley has bushy britches too.

teh funny

Polly said...

OT, abt Rachel Maddow hosting Countdown last night. I just sent an e-mail to MSNBC re how excellent she was.

In three minutes a reply came from office of Phil Griffin, Senior VP, News:
Thanks for ur thoughtfulcomments.
She is fantastic.... Got major plans for her.

Considering the LOL spelling and typo, this must have come from a real person! "Got major plans for her." Wow!

Anonymous said...

OT2, I read they are testing the waters for her to have her own show, which would be great. (They may need it if K.O. has a stroke during his next Bush rant!) She's a Rhodes scholar--very smart AND fun.

'Til then, I wish they would let her tweak the script so she doesn't seem like a chip off the Keith block.

Back On Topic, those are Maddie's pantaloons, not britches. Tail o' Doom, Pantaloons of Peril--watch out Ross Boys!

BlakNo1 said...

Fluffy tail!!!

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Yay! The Tail O' Doom in all its feathery glory!

And her fluffy britches are most fetching, especially to those Ross boys.

Silkey Ross said...

Sandy-LA 90034 and Zoe,
I have no interest in Maddie's britches or pantaloons. My bro Silver is the guy with the obsessive interest in all things Maddie.

Speak of the Divine Ms. Ripley tho, and I stand at attention! Every bit of her delicious body is admirable, every hair worth nuzzling and licking.

Silkey, happy in love