Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Late Night Simel's girlfriend

What a good girl.

(no, that bottom pic isn't sideways- Ripley was hanging out her half pipe like that when I made the photo)


Hecate said...

simels is a lucky guy

steve simels said...

Oh my god, she's gorgeous.

As my people say -- what a punim!!!!

zoe said...

Simels sure is one lucky guy....better hides from the Ross boys, tho.

sekmet said...

She is fabulous looking but then all cats are.

War On War Off said...

I think she's asking, "Hey Simels, ya coming to Austin?"

Silkey Ross said...

Sweetfoots, MY darling Ms. Ripley, who is this Simels fella? Is ur centaur trying to fix U up with him? I protest!

Tho I guess he isn't a cat, cause "punim" isn't cat language. And he does see that U are gorgeous. So I guess it's alright.

Sorry I haven't been in touch, Sweetheart. Silver and I were being punished … abt the robin thing. The robin in the bedroom thing ….

More later.
Silkey, missing U

four legs good said...

Not to worry Silkey, Mr. Simels is a 2-legs, so he just luvs Ripley in a platonic way.