Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Maxxine is trying to ruff it

Little Maxxine is trying her hardest to grow herself a ruff.... but she's got a ways to go.

Now HERE'S a ruff:

Doan worreee little Maxxine, U will be big somedai 2!


Caminante said...

Oh plushees feline and hoomin, please send healing thoughts for my orange boy who is ten and who will be having surgery a week from today to remove a mast cell tumour from his neck. I can't bear the thought that the c- word has been uttered in regards to my beloved friend. We are hopeful that we found it early on enough that it won't cause further problems.


four legs good said...

Oh noes!!

doan worree, mast cell tumors are pretty treatable.

I'm sure he'll be fine

Oh Susanna said...

Lots of purrayers and good thoughts enroute for the sweet orange boy and his hoomin. Be well, little one.

War On War Off said...

Nau that iz sum ruff!

Caminante, hope all goes well. Maxxine, Karmina and I will be pulling for the Orange Boy!

Anonymous said...

OMG, the toes!

And best wishes to caminante's orange beastie.

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins

Caminante said...

Thanks one and all. My sister reminded me of her orange boy who had his first mast cell tumour at age 3, was given a poor prognosis and lived to the ripe age of 18 1/2, though with lots of surgery and prednisone. I will carry your good thoughts with me next Tuesday... it's always scaree to leave a kitteh to be knocked out (especially since this orange boy's predecessor died on the table at the vet's).