Friday, June 13, 2008

Mars, BITCH!!!

Never mind Russert, I've got some REAL news!!

An earthling has walked on another planet!!

So, okay, it's a four footed earthling, but everyone at Plush Life knows that kittehs are intrepid space explorers.

Totally awesome!!

Find out more about this brave explorer here: Steve the Cat Visits Mars

Hat tip to faithful reader Backyard Astronomer.


Culture of Tr√úth said...


I thought maybe the rocket was finally ready.

four legs good said...

Is this the bestest thing EVAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Mars, the largest litterbox in the solar system.
Congratulations, Steve.


Anonymous said...

I went to NASA's Phoenix Mars website and under the news section I saw this strange link to Steve the Cat. I clicked on the link and when I got there I immediately thought you that would like this.

Backyard Astronomer