Tuesday, October 07, 2008


So pretty I had to put up some high resolution photos. My birthday flowers from the marvelous watertiger.

And a billion thanks to the equally fabulous res ipsa loquitor for the fabulous centaur habiliments. MWAW!!!


Plum Pudding said...

Joyeux anniversaire centaur!

Oh Susannah said...

Happy Birthday 4Legs!

May you have many happy (and McCane free)years ahead! Hope the gurlz are helping you celebrate!

War On War Off said...

Hope it was a groovy one!

Silver and Silkey Ross said...

Bestest of Happy B'Days to the
Bestest of Centaur kittenslaves!1!

Maddie and Ripley sing ur praises to all their kitteh friends … so we know what a fine Centaur U are.

Those flowers are real purty. But U should eat them before they get too old, roses are most tasty when fresh.

Silver and Silkey, partying fans

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

Uh oh...I iz bad sister. I dint send u nothing for ur birfday.

Ize sorry.

Happy birfday!!


Caminante said...

Hippo birday to ewe.

May your years not only be McCain (McSmarm) free but also Palin free (no printable epithet though my Young Guy shrieeeks at the thought).

Those flowers are so beautiful I can almost smell them.

zoe said...

Oh Noes!! I forgot your birthday. Girls did not remind me! The Happiest of Belated Birthdays to you! P.S. I wouldn't hold my breath thinkin' Sarah dumbshit is gonna send a card......

four legs good said...

zoe, U already have done too much for me this year!

I'd forget my own birthday if my friends and my assistant didn't remind me.