Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Post Debate Kittehs!!

Wut U mean I gotz to build a guillotine? Kittehs luv peace!!

Geee-yo-teen? if dis old man keeps talkin, I'ze all 4 it.

oooh, wait, FEATHERS!!!

Who iz dis beee-yoo-teee-full kitteh in da window??

I so sad. I no haz Nobel Prize in fizziks agin dis year.

Silleeee kittehs!!


Ali said...

I woulda thought kittehs would prefer the CLAWS of DOOM over a gii-oh-teen.

four legs good said...

well, they would, but Phila ordered a gee-yoh-teeen.

Culture of Truth said...

Kitties are violent, ya know

They iz all killerz

Polly said...

Did anyone else see McGrumpy as doddering as he moved around that stage tonight?

I think he looked so old, wonder if others saw that.

Plum Pudding said...

you know Thandie Newton, that talented and very beautiful actress? She just explained on the Craig Ferguson show that she named her 8 years old daughter Ripley because she was watching Aliens while pregnant and she tought that character rocked!

how cool is that? But watching Aliens while pregnant could provoke contractions, no?

Oh Susannah said...

Polly said...
Did anyone else see McGrumpy as doddering as he moved around that stage tonight?

It's much more fun if you picture him as Foghorn Leghorn! Amazing how a character created in 1948 captures McPrickly in his Golden, err yellow, Years. But if you really want to have a laugh, listen to the wav files of Foghorn. "Pay attention, Boy! I'm not talking just to hear my head roar!"

And now we return to our regularly scheduled adoration of Ripley and Maddie with their amazing tufty toes....

Silkey Ross said...

Sweetfoots, what iz this Nobel Prize that U want?

I will go to the ends of the earth to win this prize for U, darling Ripley.

Where can I find one, and what color do U want? Iz it a container for ur fizziks? Do U have lots of fizziks, so U need a big Nobel?

If I can find a Nobel Prize with a bell, would U like that? I've got a soccer ball with a bell inside. That one iz fun!

Silkey, eager fan

Caminante said...

Aw, sweet Ripley we know U know EVERYTHING about fizziks. Those people over in Nobel land just don't unnerstand that a kitteh can explain it all.