Wednesday, October 08, 2008

UR daily kittehs



Ramona Quimby said...

Thnx, 4Legs, for the plushy goodness. And happy belated birfday!

four legs good said...

thanks ramona!

Silkey Ross said...

To Oh Susannah...

Ma'am, in the thread below U offered ur resume for "a position in (my) loan workout division." Ur offer is an honor, a thrilling honor!

Ur superb education (master's degree in Feline Massage) would make U a highly desirable addition to my staff. And that case of kitteh treats would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately, I'm winding down my loan business. Since Georgie W. is willing to buy my share of the Big Shitpile, I'm getting out while the getting is good.

If I could find a wormhole convenient to ur house, I would like to come discuss ur educational achievements with U. Does Feline Massage include scritchy-scratching and cooing at the massagee? I lurv that part.

Please know that I am desolate at being unable to offer U a position in my (former) enterprise.

Silkey Cat Ross