Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday kittehs

Those silleee gurlz.


A Tabla Rasa said...

Been a while since I've visited. Gawd, they're gorgeous!

grandefille said...


~ passes out from repeated snorgling of the monitor ~

Snorgles to all at Plusheh HQ! Keep up the fine fizziks work!

Silkey Ross said...

Awww, look at my adorable Ripley Chainsaw!

She exhausted herself on her fizzicks homework, keeling over into a nap beside the particle accelerator. That's the behavior of a true scientist.

When Ripley awakes, I'm going to snorgle her til she giggles! Is the Centaur going out this weekend? We'd like a little privacy.

Silkey, still ardent after all these years.

Silkey Ross said...

………………………Oh Sussanah

Ma'am, did U see my reply to ur thrilling offer, in the downbelow thread?

Silkey Cat Ross

Silkey Ross said...

……………………Susannah, Susannah!!!

Sorry abt that, human spelling is hard.

See Townhall Debate Kittehs thread for my thank U note.

Silkey Ross, respectfully

zoe said...

Plushitude!!! So gorgeous! A relief after this week of awful.

Oh Susannah said...

Ok, ya gotta put down your drink and go pee before you watch this.

You have been warned.

Psst. Silkey Ross, I'll get back to you after watching Olberman and Maddow.

Oh Susannah said...

Dear Silkey Cat Ross,

I'm sorry there are no positions available in your loan workout division. While I understand your desire to get your claws on your share of the Bailout, err Rescue, ahh, Great Kibble Theft, and get out while the getting is good, I wonder if there might not be more pillaging to be done.

If AIG execs can get a Monarch Beach spa week at taxpayer expense, surely we can find a way to secure funding for services to be rendered using my master's degree in Feline Massage, including scritchy-scratching of ears and chins and cooing at the massagee as specified in your RFP. Since Congress liberally added 'sweeteners" to the bailout bill, I propose we sweeten this workout proposal with extensive brushies, nail trimmings administered with appropriate catnip sedation, and tail fluffing in our aromatherapy conference center. In lieu of a Golden Parachute, we may seek to provide you with a 'happy ending', albeit through one of our subcontractors, as this is outside our normal scope of services.

With all due respect, Mr. Ross, rather than picking up your kitteh cookies and leaving the game, repositioning yourself to provide consulting services to those struggling to get out from under the bad loans you made them for fast mice would be construed as a public service and provide a tidy cat return. I hope you will reconsider.

If you would like to discuss this further, simply take California Exit 129 from your nearest wormhole to reach our offices.

Best regards,
Oh Susannah
Oh Don't You Cry For Me Enterprises

Polly said...

catnip sedation, and tail fluffing … happy endings provided by "subcontracters" …

Iz it Kitteh Pron time so early in the weekend?

Anonymous said...

4Lgsgood, how did the girls react to the Longhorns' victory over the Sooners yesterday?

My kitties and I are all snarfling at the results of the Cardinals/Cowboys game.

The Other Sarah

Karin said...

Did you see this gorgeous photo?

Caminante said...

I come here when I need to be cheered up which is a lot these days... I don't think I can bear the thought of four years of McPalin. If that happens, I want Ripley to spin me into outer space with her parcticle accelerator and fizziks.

sekmet said...

I always love to see pictures of kittehs relaxing.

Polly said...


Be encouraged. McPalin ended last week in such disgrace.
She was shown to have broken Alaskan law in a mad vendetta.
He was booed by his base when he tried to backtrack on the "Obama is a terrorist" line.

What is that saying abt "riding the tiger"? That the dismount is the most dangerous?
McCain is being torn and rent by his own base, as he tries to get off the tiger's back.

Anna marie Cox said [on Rachel Maddow's show], that there are always some crazies at political rallies. But now at McPalin rallies, there's no one but the crazies.

Oh Susannah said...

Yes, when it is time to "Stop the world! I want to get off", this is a good place to come.

Maddie's "Whut?" face and Ripley's ruffaliciousness, all those tufty toes, and birdie watching being the big event of the day somehow seem to set the earth back on its axis.

Thank heavens for little (plushy)grlz!

Anonymous said...

Teh girlz are fluffy, and McCain is all done. As it should be.

Silkey Ross said...

Iz this MY Ripley? Posting at Thers' place?

I cling to my original theory, that McCain should have:

1 - Changed his campaign slogan to "It's my turn, damn it!"

2 - Sued the Obama campaign for running against McCain (when it was McCain's turn, damn it!). What judge wouldn't order Obama to drop out of the race?

Posted by: Ripley | October 15, 2008

What iz going on at the Four Legs' household? The Centaur izn't posting, but Ripley iz?

Silkey, confused fan

Oh Susannah said...


Nothing is as it should be, or even as it seems, these days. Please ask Ceiling Cat to lend us a paw.

Your friend in Plushy adoration,
Oh Susannah