Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day!!! GO VOTE!!!

Den we plai

kai, thx, bai


ramona quimby said...

As predicted, teh Quimbys were # 1 and #2 at the polls this morning. And Wolf Blitzer sez Massachusetts goez for Obama! (Saprize!)

Oh Susannah said...

Gurlz, better polish up your tiaras for the inaugural ball!

grandefille said...

Thank you, O Plusheh Onez, for keeping the faith and keeping us all mindful of the truly important things in life. Will you let the little Obama gurlz borrow your tiaras for the party? They'll take good care of them, I'm sure, because they, like you, have been raised right.

Now we start lobbying for kittehs in the White House, too. Puppehs are nice, but gurlz need kittehs. Kittehs need gurlz. Everybody's happy. Plus, nice windows to sit in and make faces at silly media-birds in the Rose Garden! Woo!

We send happy celebratory kisses to all. Hard work ahead, but YES WE CAN do it!

Love from HarryCat and his mom

Silkey Ross said...

Sweetfoots, Ripley Darling gurl!!

The human we choose WON!!!

Wheeee!!! Good Times are ahead, for kittehs and Centaurs and humans, too. Even for the puppy those little Obama gulz will have in the White House.

Silkey, ecstatic fan