Monday, November 03, 2008

One Day Left

U go halp or I smak U

I haz a hope.

U can napz on Wenzzzdai

Dis iz dah rite ticket!

We plai fetchez after teh eleckshun - U go werk nao

Here - I getz bumpersticker 4 U - I halps!!

Go vote. Go volunteer. Go phonebank (you can do it from your house!) It's no time to let up or take things for granted.

Click on the Obama box to your right if you need to know where to go or how to help. Let's not wake up on Wednesday morning wondering if there was something we could have done.

Let's leave it all on the pavement.

Oh, and click on the photos - I don't know what's up with blogger - it doesn't seem to be resizing the photos correctly. Very annoying.


zoe said...

me voted.
me phonebanked.
me donated
me prayin' to the gurlz now.

Silver Ross said...

No, no Zoe! Pray to Ceiling Cat!!

All us ObamaCats are praying to Ceiling Cat that the Good Guys win tomorrow.

Silkey and I filled out our little absentee ballots, and our human will take them into the voting place with her. We signed with our paw prints, and she wrote our names beside each print.

Iz Ms. Ripley chewing on that bumper sticker?

Silver, patriotic kitteh

Polly said...

How sad that Obama's grandmother died today.
Deep sorrow one day, historical triumph the next.

And Chuck Todd called McCain's defeat "a Shakespearian tragedy"?

Caminante said...

I had the same thot hearing about his grandmother... but she'll know he has won.

Ceiling Cat are U listening to us kittehs and hoomins? We want REAL change, not a fake one.

As for Miss Maddie and Ripley, you are soooo beautiful that I can't stand it.

four legs good said...

chuck todd said WHAT?

what a douche.

I think McNasty losing is going to be a happy day for the republic.

zoe said...

U R right Silkey.

I pray to the ceiling cats from now on.
Everyone in this household woof! woof! is very very nervous.

Only Zoe keeps saying "O-BAM-A"

What is a poor 70 year old lady, 25 years from now going to think when she hears her???? Oh well.

Eyes on the ceiling cat.

Polly said...

Four Legs,
The Chuck Todd quote is something I read on a blog Tues. a.m. Don't remember where … but I'm sure he said it before the news abt Obama's grandmother.

Doesn't a tragedy require some aspect of failed noble cause, or tarnished grandeur, to be considered "Shakespearian"?

McCain's aching lust to be President is not noble. He is tarnished, but has no air of grandeur.

His losing will be more than just a happy day. McCain's defeat means our Republic is saved from a Palin presidency which would be an epic disaster.

I think McCain's health is failing, as is his memory. His defeat will be a blow from which he may not recover.