Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama - WANT!!! GO VOTE!!! kai thx bai

I voted, haz U?

Oh ceiling cat, bring U victoreee plze!!

Rethug humilee-ayshun, tastee!

I lieks dis sign, I dooz.


Plum Pudding said...

"I lieks dis sign, I dooz."

but you tried eating it a few days ago!

Eating = like?

then my Henriette ADORES me cause she's munching on my hands all the time! I have the bite marks to prove it!

Silkey Ross said...

Plum Pudding, Ma'am

Henriette surely does adore U, because U are the Chief Ear Scratcher and Spine Scritcher, Mistress of the Kitteh Brush and Chef/Purveyor of Feline Cuisine.

And U may be using catnip scented hand lotion.

Silkey, with respect

TheOtherWA said...

"I voted, haz U?"

Yup, I sure did! And it felt gooooood!

On Wednesday, all the kittehs will have to be extra nice to their human slaves, since we'll be hungover. ;)

Willendorf Venus said...

Kittehs are all Democats.

Soprano said...

Good gurlz!!

Oh Susannah said...

I feel SO much better knowing the gurlz are all over this election.

Chus said...

Full Obama TV Ad! :)

War On War Off said...

Will be voting tomorrow!