Wednesday, November 05, 2008

to our republican friends....

Welcome to UR new home!

Hope U liek it, since U will be living there for the next 40 years. Watch out for the bears and wolves - I hear they aren't very happy with U.

luv, four legs good, Maddie and Ripley

Bon Voyage!!


zoe said...

don't give em no tent.
dont deserve.

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Centaur, Ma'am
What U mean, sending the Rethug villains to live in that wonderful forest camp? It izn't a wilderness suitable for banishing evildoers.

That site has great Tree climbing opportunities, we sense small scurrying critters waiting for us to pounce.

The tent is ready for our human, a can opener and our dinner dishes. Also a snug down sleeping bag for our naps.

All in all, a perfect vacation spot for ObamaCats, even to the tent coloring. Iz WiFi available?

Silkey and Silver, ready to sign up

four legs good said...

zoe, good point

Plum Pudding said...

I agree with Silkey and Silver. Let's send them to Antartica instead.

without boots.

Polly said...

Oh Plum P. … you're a tough one.
Even sterner than Zoe.
Not that I'm arguing with either of you.

War On War Off said...

I'd send 'em to the cornfield.

/Billy Mumy

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could hook up together to make islands and float 'em in the Arctic so the polar bears and critters have a place to rest--now that the doofuses have let the ice melt.

sekmet said...

Send them to Camp Grenada. There are alligators in the lake they say.

Anonymous said...

Dear 4lg,

that sure looks like an October morning in McKinney Falls State Park.

I hope you're not being overrun with the GOP.

I'm with Silkey and Silver. That's way too nice a place to send those flea-bitten Republicans.

The Other Sarah

Anonymous said...

Why iz I still looking at ugly GOP house?
Izn't it time for Happy Obama Kittehs?


Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Thank U Aunt Flory,
We miss seeing our fine Plushy felines, our own adorable Obama gurlz.
Why should that Centaur have a private life, if it means depriving all us hearty feline fellas of our hearts' desire?

Silkey, lonely fan

Polly said...

The sidebar is great. It prevents me from forgetting that Nate might have some news, even tho the big day is over.

I surly miss the good old days, when I could come here to see fiesty kittehs, or starry skies or other little treats.

Maybe the centaur has run off to Georgia to campaign against that horrid Chambliss Rethug?

Anonymous said...

I would put them in a shack with really smelly tar paper, but that's just me.

bo said...

The shipping might be a little pricey, but there should be ample unoccupied islands in the Aleutians.

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Four Legs, Ma'am,
We're sorry to hear that you've been ill. (Those Atriots told us.)
Maddie and Ripley are surely taking good care of U. We think U kittenslaves got overexcited about that Obama human being elected.

Drink lots of chicken soup, it will make U better, and make ur fur shiney and thick, also.

Silkey and Silver, still ur fans

The Squirrel said...

Oh Four Legs, we have really missed you and the girls! Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope the kitties are "making muffins" on you and purring to make you feel better soon!

Denise & Natalie Maines Coon Cat

Anonymous said...

Please get well soon, 4legs! We miss you.
--The Other Sarah