Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A reminder that greens R guud.

BTW, Ripley LURVES lettuce. I should video her nomming on some lettuce.


Polly said...

Four Legs' comment below: What is life without kittehs?

Simple answer to simple question:

Fur free,
Hairball free,
No one kneading one's head at 6 am,
Smaller dust bunnies under the bed.
Unimaginably dull and lonesome.

Silkey Ross said...

Lettuce? Lettuce?

Ripley, do U really eat that green stuff? Can U get it with minced mouse dressing?

Our Human eats salad before she gets to the best part of dinner … the meat course. That's when we get nibbles of the good stuff.
Do U think I should try lettuce? Or is it only good for lady kittehs?

Silkey, hungry for U

four legs good said...

I dunno Silkey, but Ripley LOVES it.

Screams for it if I'm making salad.

clio said...

Leo loves green olives.
Lance likes watermelon.
Joseph, who came in from the cold last Christmas, will eat anything of any color, anything being prepared for dinner at any stage of preparation, and mice who don't run fast enough.