Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dos plushies

U can haz kitteh fix


Karin said...

Awesome whiskers in the last one, but how did they get so frizzed up?
It looks like the kitties got hold of a curling iron.

Plum Pudding said...

dancing whiskers are teh fun.

Polly said...

That's it, Maddie. You just dive right in that box of delightful paper.

Getting one's claws into that lightweight paper feels grand, one can shred away with panache.
Or so I've been told.

four legs good said...

Karin, her whiskers are curly at the ends - but when she's in 'hunting mode' she brings them forward.

When they're lit up like that, the effect just looks more crazy.

zoe said...

Too much plushiness, way way too much plushiness.

four legs good said...


Iwonder said...

That first pic says, "Iz inosent of any rongnesses"

Silkey Ross said...

Yes, Iwonder. U are a close observer of kitteh expressions.

Ms. Ripley Prettytfoots looks "inosent of any rongnesses" all the time.

Her heart iz pure, her intentions feline, the results mischievous perfection.

"Rongnesses" are not part of Ripley's agenda.

Silkey, knowing lover

grandefille said...

Beautiful plushiez
Gazing at me
I'm overcome with a need to pet thee
Two fluffy gurleez
Cute as can be
I'm always grateful for see pictures like these!

~ curtseys, scampers away ~