Monday, December 08, 2008

UR daily kitteh fix

Wut? I'ze NOT supposed to shred teh paper in dis box?

Dat seems sillee to me.

Come bak here U bald feather on a stick!

Iz still mah favorite. I grabz now.


Hecate said...

What a lovely girl!

zoe said...

awwwww,,,,,thanks for the eye candy.
now can work rest of day.

Silkey Ross said...

Prettyfoots, ME darlin', of course U're supposed to shred that paper.

Anytime ur Centaur puts a box down on the floor, that box is for B! To play with anyway ur furry little heart desires. That is a basic Kitteh Right, contained in THE KITTEH BILL OF RIGHTS!

Thank ur Centaur for putting U back in full color, love ur Pink Nose.

Gotta run to watch Olbermann with my human … that means brushing time!

Silkey, happy fan

Anonymous said...

Paper iz for shredding. Iz a rule.