Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Maddie

About to pounce on the dreaded feather monster.


Polly said...

How many feather monsters do you have to buy each week?

It looks like Maddie could decimate one in a short time.

flory said...

Maddie the Guardian. Protecting the centaur home from the FeatherMonsters™.

Apparently theres some backstory here. A truce has been declared with the former enemies of the centaurlands -- the Alien Carrot and the Peeps?
And the FeatherMonsters™ have moved into the vacuum?

Or did the FeatherMonsters™ wipe out the Axis of Eeveel?

four legs good said...

Maxx vanquished the peeps. The alien carrot is biding its time, though Maddie does pummel it from time to time.

Her favorite toy is the feather on a stick. She's about plucked the first one bald so I bought her two more- but they're different from the original, so I'm going to go back and buy THAT particular one again.

She carries it around everywhere.

flory said...

So. The Alien Carrot waits to see who will win the Battle for the Centaurlands....Madeline the Magnificent....or the FeatherMonster™.....