Friday, March 02, 2007

Morning friday kitten

Pretty Maddie. When she's sitting still, anyways.


flory said...

Pooh. She's pretty even when she's zooming about...and climbing centaur legs.

She's lost her kitten-cute look and has developed a pretty-kitty look instead.

geor3ge said...

That face! Those eyes! The little triangle nose! The fuzzy tufts on her ears! The ever fascinated expression!

You, good Centaur, have a little furry bag of gold on your hands.

four legs good said...

She has excellent maine coon accutrements.

Anonymous said...

It makes me happy every day to see pix of the little girl. She has such a delicate heart-shaped face. So lovely!

Your pictures of her are wonderful, too.

Kittenz: good for what ails ya.


Polly said...

Maddie must be keeping you on your toes, ever ready to capture her in her rare moments of tranquility.

I like pix of her sleeping, too.

beenzzz said...

She has such expressive eyes! I am a serious cat person. :)