Friday, March 02, 2007

Too little, too late

Chimpy has ordered a "comprehensive review" of the veterans hospitals, prodded by Dana Priest's excellent reporting on the deplorable conditions for outpatients at Walter Reed. Bush Orders Review of veteran's hospitals:
WASHINGTON - President Bush ordered a comprehensive review Friday of conditions at the nation's military and veteran hospitals in the wake of a scandal surrounding care for wounded troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.

The White House said the president would name a bipartisan commission to assess whether the problems at Walter Reed existed at other facilities.

The action came after The Washington Post documented squalid living conditions for some outpatient soldiers at Walter Reed and bureaucratic problems that prevented many troops from getting adequate care.

No doubt they'll be trying to figure out how reporters managed to talk to the soldiers and how to prevent this sort of PR nightmare in the future.

Feh. Without the stories in the Washington Post, nothing would have changed there. Remember, republican members of congress knew about this years ago. And they did nothing. Heck of a job, army!!


Anonymous said...

Noone could have predicted that the overwhelming number of injured/brain damaged returning troops would ever talk to reporters about circumstances their higher-ups haven't addressed and actually swept under the threadbare, bacteria-laden rug...
And they have replaced the guy who inherited this mess w/the guy who helped hide it!?!?!
Why is it EVERY TIME there is a DISASTER of some sort or other the BushCoCabal (TM) rushes to shut the gate AFTER the cows have run off????? The term "proactive" is really just a blemish-correcting system to them, isn't it??? Criminy people!!!

mismn said...

Yet another bipartisan commission. Like there is no other way to make this assessment, like the hospitals aren't already subject to inspections and regulations, like there's nobody who already knows. Fuckers. Implicit in naming a bipartisan commission is that it is a matter where partisanship would determine the outcome. You'd have to be a Republican to think of that. Assholes!