Friday, March 02, 2007

Late afternoon kitten


I think she's practicing being a lionesse kitty. Her ruff is coming in nicely.


flory said...


Plum Pudding said...

Madeleine must learn french!

charley said...

LOL. It's pretty embarrassing, $3,000 in camera equipment for kitty pics.

at the end of weston's carreer he was reduced to taking pictures of his 95 cats. they are kind of awful.

my photo prof. said he had a student that sucked ass, was going to kick him out of the program, had a come to jesus meeting with him. guy went out and took a bunch of pics of himself acting tough in various poses, slightly diff. enviroments, but basically the same pic over, and over. said it was great work.

most of the famous guys are locked in to whatever they do. nuthing beats a pic of maddie, except maybe a pic of MAXX!

charley said...

check out Tony Mendoza. and i'm sure you've heard of william wegman. but who cares about dogs anyway? dogs suck.

for some reason cat photography is looked down upon in the profession.

four legs good said...

Well, I really don't consider these serious photos.

I did like the one below with the pink feather though (the first one). Now THAT is a good photograph.

beenzzz said...

What a beautiful cat! She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

OHHH!!! I have (somewhere) a book of Ernie postcards - I HAD to have them, he looked like a carbon copy (but the male of the species) of my now long-lost, lamented Toppy (I didn't name her). The one of him partially peering from a hole in a box always got me laughing.
I love Wegman's stuff (but just the original Man Ray and Fay - the fairytale books and incorporation of human hands just creeps me out - but give me the 'frog' or 'bat' pic anyday for giggles and the dusted one for the beauty).
Cats are harder to catch 'just so' unless the 'catness' has been purged and that doesn't 'do'. But I LOVE a great cat pic.
Still getting used to my new lil' digital p&c, so I am always snapping my gals in various poses.
FLG, may I send you one of my current faves? (it needn't be posted, but I would love to share)

four legs good said...

Yes Elspeth, please do!!

Poopyman said...

4LG posted all of those "Kitty Wars" pics back in January (including 3 of mine), so in all fairness I for one think we should see Elspeth's.

I'd forgotten about Wegman, Charley. I much prefer Maxx and Maddie pics to posed dog pics.

flory said...

Well, I really don't consider these serious photos.

Hmmph. We'll see. Next year when you're nominated for a Photobloggie for best animal pitchers....we'll just see....

charley said...

Well, I really don't consider these serious photos.

all pictures are very serious business. think about what's going on there man. you'd have to go to phila or thers for the philosophical background, but photography changed the world. images are so slick and common now we forget their impact, but it's significant.

all i know is pics of maxx, or maddie, make the horror of reading political blogs all day palatable.

check out nixon, what a wanker.

four legs good said...

You guys are kind.

I just meant they're not serious in that I don't take a lot of time and thought with them.

Mostly I'm just documenting Maddie's babyhood. Once and I while I take something that's beautifully lit and fine, but it's difficult in a small apartment that doesn't get much natural light.

Mostly I think they just cheer people up. A good thing, I think.

Oh, and I post on politics too, just not as much as I used to. I find the world so distressing and demoralizing that I've been trying to focus on other things.

Anonymous said...

Well, FLG, your specialty w/regard to your household companions being photographed is more 'stream of consciousness'/'on the fly' rather than trying to bend a cat's "dignitude" to a formal, stiff, posed format.
The only reason my cats are so photog'd by moi is that I am lazy and prefer to catch them in their (all too often) lazy mode - but I prefer to call it "getting some great shots of how the light plays over them".

ThePoliticalCat said...

Maybe I haven't said it before, but your kitty pictures make the whole hideous mess we're in bearable, for just a little while more. Thank you.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Pictures of Lion Kitty Maxx and now Madeleine are my buttresses against the ugly images either in pictures in the news or in my imagination when I read about distressing events.

I can allow myself to dip into that ugly pool for awhile, knowing I can cleanse myself in images of Maddie's sweet little face.

The centaur's photos are an invaluable resource to remember what's wonderful in our world.