Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday kitty

Yes, Maddie is getting bigger, and growing quickly, but she's still just a little thing. She barely weighs over a pound.


Poopyman said...

All legs, ears, and bottlebrush tail.

And eyes.

four legs good said...

Even though she eats like there's no tomorrow, she's still a little on the thin side.

She plays like a maniac, burning it all off.

flory said...

You should put up a compare and contrast post, with one of her baby pictures and a recent one.

Anonymous said...

"The Blogger and the Bobby-Soxer"
Staring Maddie and Four Legs Good,
coming soon to a theater near you!


Rugo said...

Those eyes!

Anonymous said...

I guess, being a three-legged cat, she would weigh less.

Poor little tyke. Was she born that way?

four legs good said...

You big silly.

KaliTa said...


She is byoooootiful!