Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Failed State

NYTimes/Stephen Crowley

When I heard this quote on Countdown last night, I nearly fell off the sofa. From chimpy's presser yesterday:
That's one of the major lessons of September the 11th. In that case, there was safe haven found in a failed state, where killers plotted and planned and trained, and came and killed 3,000 of our citizens. And I vowed we weren't going to let that happen again.
Seriously, does he listen to himself?

I wish someone would ask him this: "You do realize that YOU'RE the reason there's a failed state in Iraq, don't you? So aren't you the one who, under your own definition, has made America less safe?"

I think that's a legitimate question.

And just what the fuck was Cheney doing creeping out there behind the bushes?


Allie said...

This photo gives me unpleasant memories of that creepy Burger King commercial, wherein the King is standing at the far side of the yard, the guy turns away from the door for a second, turns back around, AND THE KING'S RIGHT THERE!

Couldn't sleep for a week.

four legs good said...

I fucking HATE those commercials too.

Glad to hear someone else does as well. Though to be fair, I'm pretty sure the king doesn't eat puppies for breakfast.

pie said...

I swear he was trying to intimidate the press and/or take notes for immediate damage control or...

was he speaking into a microphone attached to Bush's listning device?

Anonymous said...

That is a seriously spooky shot. Boogety boogety.