Thursday, April 05, 2007


It was chilly this morning and this kitten was feeling quite frisky. Zoom! Pounce! Charge!! Leap! Growl! meow!!

Quite entertaining.


nancy said...

Yeah - my daily plush!

Polly said...

Attn: United Maddie Lovers of the Internets.

Let's discuss color today. What Kitten Color will best complement Maddie's colors? What new kitten color will make the best photos?

Plum P. suggested red. Other Sarah, red or midnight. Political cat said red/ginger boy.

What say you?

four legs good said...

I'm thinking tuxedo or grey/white.

Anonymous said...

Hitler cat

Polly said...

Anonymous said...
Hitler cat

Do you mean just the little black mustache? Or also the black hair over the eye?

Polly said...


Grey/white would be subtle in pix with the Princess.

The father of my two guys was a tuxedo cat, plushy and mustachioed. He gifted the plushyness to one boy, and the neat little mustache to the other.