Monday, April 28, 2008

daily kittehs

I am a lucky centaur.

kai thx bai


Plum Pudding said...

yes you are

and meci for sharing the fluffy ones with us!

ixnay said...

Please hold the good thoughts for TRex, whose Gus of 20 years has gone walkabout and not returned ...

Yes, you are the lucky centaur.

Re: the local fauna: you shoulda seen the eyes on my boycats on spying a turkey in the front yard!

Poopyman said...

I see ixnay beat me to the TRex heads-up. Things aren't as bleak as yesterday, but he and Gus still need good thoughts aimed their way.

Keep those girls safe, centaur!

four legs good said...

I do, I do. They don't go out and they never will.

So sad about Gus, I hope he comes home.

Polly said...

Good thing you're not making political contributions any more. U'll need the money for several groomers to work on removing winter coats.

Ripley's ruff looks even thicker than usual.

War On War Off said...

Safe return kitty thoughts to Gus!

Silkey Ross said...

Oh! Ms. Ripley's Ruff!!

I could dive into that Ruff, swim in that Ruff, nuzzle about til I reached Ms. Ripley's delectable skin.

Oh, Ceiling Cat, that dive would be Heaven to me!

Ripley, Elizabethan lover