Wednesday, April 30, 2008

iz early caturday


Plum Pudding said...

me, i like the smell of cat plush under the sun.true!

Silver Ross said...

Four Legs, ma'am, thank you for letting me dump the water on Silkey. He revived right away, then ran under the bed.

I've told him that Ripley is OK, that you didn't turn her permanently pink. He just cusses at me.

I appreciate your art work, being the sophisticated kitteh that I am. Just don't show Mlle. Madeleine in a garish color. She is too elegantly beautiful for that.

Silver, art connoisseur

Anonymous said...

You are experimenting with shadows?

I likez.


sekmet said...

Looks like they are planning something. Cunning little furry scamps.

four legs good said...

No experimentation, just taking advantage of the rare times when there's actually enough light to shoot without a flash inside.

It's actually a lot brighter than what the photos show- but what happens is the camera exposes for the sunlight parts, making the other parts look really dark.