Friday, May 02, 2008

Late Caturday

Ceiling cat, pls 2 kill all teh trollz? kai, thx, bai

Hallloooooo!! wut? U wants me to stand stillz? NO WAI!!

Update: did I mention that the photos are high res? I insist U click on the photo of Maddie and go "eeeep!!" at her glorious, curly-cue whiskers. I insists!!


Plum Pudding said...

Bonsoir les filles!

mismn said...

Ceiling cat, while ur at it, can you pls shoot teh Hillary campaign into the sun?

four legs good said...

mismn, good plan!!

Anonymous said...

I won't go eep, but I will admire her whiskers. Ripley's whiskers are no slouch, either.
---The Other Sarah

Anonymous said...

Didja hear mah 'eeeeeep'?

I like teh sun idea -- couldja put a 'rush' on teh orders for teh rockets?


four legs good said...

Actually the first person who gets shot into the sun is Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Disagree with your candidate views, 4legs, but may such things never stand in the way of a good heartfelt Eeeep! Fine, fine whiskers, indeed... and when it comes down to it, apolitical whiskers. Kittehs are above/beyond the machinations of anthropoids, having their own, vastly purer and savager machinations.

Li'l Innocent