Friday, March 23, 2007

Another tuxedo... Gizmo!!!

Gizmo is out of Gitmo, making an appearance on Eschaton. Since we luvs us some tuxedo kitties, I'm posting him here too. With the, ahem, color in the fucking photograph corrected.


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

LOL! I came back to see your blog again and I finally got the title -- Gizmo is out of Gitmo!

I do wish Atrios would post more Friday catblogging - he has beautiful cats. Not as sweet and good and Maddie, but still.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Gizmo looks a lot like my late Toppy! She left me 5 years ago this Oct. 1. I wonder if Giz' likes chin scratches like she did...if so, I am sending him some electronically!

four legs good said...

Sandy, I think he withholds the kitties to spite me.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Gizmo's a handsome fella. Almost as handsome as the dear departed Faridah Peeples, aka Perdita.

Polly said...

Gitmo? Is that why Gizmo hasn't appeared at Atrios' place for so long?

Damn those Rethuglicans! They must have snatched Gizmo to sweat him for the Secrets of Blogging Sucess. Since their right-wing blogs lack wit, vitality and insight, the evil doers hoped to learn from Atrios' sidekick.

But brave Gizmo would have held out against Abu Gonsalvez' tortures. I'll bet he gave them nothing but hairballs.

Anonymous said...

Right wing blogs also lack Cats.