Friday, March 23, 2007

Special Sallyh Maddie-palooza

Sally, wanna play fetch?

It's really, really fun!

Or maybe I could just purrrrr for you.


zoe said...

oh my oh my oh my...the last one is a killer

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

I don't think either of my Siamese weighed much more than that full grown! She's going to be a Queen Among Maine Coons, that's for sure!

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins said...

What beautiful markings. And those fur tufts!

Anonymous said...

My Maine Coon lady cat, Marie, weighs just under 10 lbs, and I was told she is def'ly on the small side for a Coon cat.

15-20 lbs of purring love can be very fetching (hope she keeps it up).

flory said...

I don't think there's much cuter than a pitcher of a sleeping kitty.

That last shot is going in my portfolio of favorites.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Zingiber and Bandicoot are only part Maine Coon, and they each weigh in at a whopping 18 and 20 lb, respectively. If Maddie expresses her genetic potential, you'll have a live hot water bottle.

Poopyman said...

Five lbs at 16 weeks! Yow! And she's still all legs. Spike ran about 15 in his prime, IIRC, and there was no fat on the little man's bod.

Well, it'll be interesting to see how she turns out. Meantime, keep posting those sleepy-kitty pics.

four legs good said...

I know, she kills me when she's sleepy.

When I wake up in the morning and she's all stretched out and sleepy it's just too much.