Friday, March 23, 2007

Get well Lola

Oy, I didn't realize that Lola was in the hospital. Apparently he's eaten a small object. Hope he's better soon.

Lola Update. Oh, and Ntoddler, isn't about time to give that kitty a boy's name? I'll bet the other kitties are making fun of him.

Hat tip to Whaleshaman for keeping me in the loop.

Update: Lola has had surgery and is doing nicely. He ate part of a tennis ball. Silly cat. Anyone for tennis?


Plum Pudding said...

Silly Lola! Only dogs eat tennis balls.Poor cat, he has a girl name and think he's a dog. NTodd will have to get him a shrink as well

ntodd said...

Thanks, fourlegs. And I'm sure Maddie will be fine re: the catfood thing. Really.

four legs good said...

You're welcome. I'm sure she's fine too, just want to make sure, be on the safe side.

Little ones eat so much and metabolize it so quickly that if she'd have had a lot of it, I'm sure she would have gotten really sick.

Polly said...

From NTodd's comments:
My tech's cat was miserable … finally puking up a milk ring - it had been a complete circle, but was chewed through. (4legsgood, I worry about young Maddie and milk rings!)
Posted by: spayvet | Mar 23, 2007 2:57:14 PM

If you give Maddie just one milk ring at a time and put it away after each session of playing fetch … then she'll not have a chance to chew and swallow it.

She doesn't need more than the one you're tossing to her. More is not better for kittens or human kids. Putting a toy away for a few days makes it all new and more fun when it reappears.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

NTodd's been calling Lola "Da Tale" and I wonder if that may stick for poor Lola -- I also suggested "Lalo."

four legs good said...

I'm kind of worried about the milk rings too. I got her some of those other rings that will be harder for her to chew up.

Anonymous said...

I like "Lola"! Of course, my great-grandma was named David, so I am used to unusual naming conventions.