Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday night Kitten

Not that she'll be a kitten for long.

Just for nostalgia's sake, here she was on her first night home with me.


¡El Gato Negro! said...

Her camera presence has grown quickly.

Joo keep her away from the talent scouts, eh?


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

That was probably one of her first experiences with the flashy thingie.

She looks a little frightened and unsure of herself.

Later pictures show she is in full control of her situation, playful and strutting along with purpose.

I get such a kick out of her antics.

flory said...


She was such an adorable little baby.

Now she's all precocious.

Can't wait to see what she's like as she grows up.

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon you can braid those payos if you a mind to.
Great profile shot of the kidden in transition.


Polly said...

Four Leggs,
You could tell us what the nameless kitten did that first night home.

Did she yowl all the way from her birthplace to Austin? Or find that she liked car travel?
Did she hide under the bed for a while, or go exploring her new home?

Did the nameless one accuse you of stealing her from her Mom and siblings? How long until she agreed you could pet her?

How long before she purred at you?

Pictures are good, but words add spice.