Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards

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Our very best wishes and prayers go out to John and Elizabeth Edwards. And here's to a hope for the end of cancer in our lifetimes.

Update: You can click here to send the Edwards a note. I think they appreciate the support from everyone.


KidRanger said...

Is this a classy family or what?

four legs good said...

Yes, very classy.

If I were her I would do the same thing- keep on with the main fight.

Charles E. Donovan said...

"John and Elizabeth Edward's decision to carry on his bid to be the Democratic nominee for the White House is the right one, given what's known about her recurrent cancer and advances in treatment today, two expert oncologists say." Hello?

Naturally, the Edwards campaign could dig up two oncologists to validate his decision to stay in the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Mrs. Edwards is in the fight for her life and her husband should subordinate his personal career aspirations, withdraw from the campaign and totally devote the next year to the health of his wife.

Cancer and depression often go hand in glove. Cancer is all encompassing for patients, and for their families. It is no surprise, therefore, that researchers estimate that about 50% of patients with cancer having some form of diagnosable psychiatric disorder sometime during their course of care.

Mr. Edwards do your wife and family a favor and withdraw.

Polly said...

Who is this Donovan troll, never before seen on this site, polluting our place with his nasty kvechting?

Nasty, foul-minded trollish Republicans, dropping their stinking comments where no one wants him, or her.

No wonder he/she is depressed, even most Rethuglicans don't want to associate with that ilk.

four legs good said...

Beats me, but he can beat it and never come back.

Something about Edwards scares the shit out of them, eh?

Anonymous said...

Um, it's rather a known fact that if cancer patients have something to look forward to, it helps them with treatments. The blurbs I have read say her new 'bout' is only treatable, but my friend's elderly mom was about to enter hospice care last fall, when after everyone that knew her daughter (let alone her) prayed, or in my case, sent healing energy - she all of a sudden was cancer free!!! :) I have no doubt keeping John on the trail WAS her idea and gives her a positive focus! :) More power and healing energies to you Elizabeth - you are a powerful force - I believe in you, fight the good fight - we are here for YOU! :) Positive visualization even through the fear - picture that cancer destroyed and eradicated - vacate it from your body. I would happily welcome a proper first lady (or second if your husband turns out to be Gore's veep, it's all good!) w/no hair if it's you (though I hope you are well by then!!! :)).
Okay, Ma'am - I am sending you the strongest possible healing and positive energies for you and your family/friends!!! :)
Blessings on you!!!
(too bad trolls and unca dick-types only keep wasting our oxygen!)