Thursday, September 27, 2007


Very busy day for me. Kittehs will keep ya company.


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Ms. Ripley, Plushy Kitteh,
Look! Your tail now has growth rings!

It's burgeoning into full flower (full plushy? full growth? I don't know how to say this.)

Your tail is getting Big, and Ringed. Can we now call it "Tail O'Mini-Doom"?

Tail O'Doomet?

Tail O'Doomlet?

Is it true that your Centaur dips you and Maddie in Downy fabric softener to make your fur silkier ?

Silkey, awed by your beauty

four legs good said...

No, not trues! dat would be kitteh abuse!

Their fur is silky soft all on it's own.

(must be their most excellent diet and good grooming habits)

zoe said...

sil - kee's in love
sil - kee's in love
yeah yeah -yeah yeah.....

so is I