Tuesday, September 25, 2007

UR daily dose of kittenzzz

One thing I notice when I'm home sick - they sure are busy little creatures.


Polly said...

Sorry you're sick, Four Legs. At least it gives the gurlz a chance to show you how self- sufficient they are.

Look at that pom-pom on the end of Ripley's tail!

The Tail O'Doom will have competition when Ripley is full grown.

Anonymous said...



four legs good said...

Ripley is getting teh plushy, and her tail is quite long now.

She is ready for winter. I hope she's not disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Oh noes!!! U iz sick?

U get better soon. Kthxbai.


Silver and Silkey Ross said...

Dear Four Legs Good, Sir or Ma'm,

We are sorry to hear that U are sick. But not that U are home.

Kittenslaves, whether human or Centaur, should stay home more.

And Naps! U should take more naps with your kittehs. Napping will make U well!

Silver and Silkey Ross, respectful of Centaurs

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Too much work brings the Centaur home to the sickbed for kittens to nurse well again.