Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Kitteh blogging


Iz not mooving- U hit it agin Ripley

No, U can not haz mah mousie


HoneyBearKelly said...

So bloody cute.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Ms. Ripley Darling,

You do have a white winter mousie. That's great because the winter mousies are much more tender and flavorful than summer mousies.

And they're faster runners, so more fun to chase!

I'd never try to steal your mousie, adorable Ripley. Can't say the same for my brother, tho. He's a really bad mousie stealer.

Silkey, mousie loving fan

Anonymous said...

Iz not mooving- U hit it agin Ripley

Uh oh. She diin't break it did she?



four legs good said...

No, she didn't break it.

We are still safe, the work continues.