Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday kittehs at last

Wut? we'ze doing our homewerk!

What U mean Pluto iz not planet? oh noes!

See mah magnificent tummy.

Update: photos are high res


grandefille said...

Can you feel the skritches we are sending you, Miss Maddie? We skritch the screen whenever we see you and Miss Ripley's tummies because they are so beautiful and snuggly and wooly. We can't help ourselves!

Please ask your centaur to give you extra skritches and kisses from all of us. We love you very much and wish you well always. Your big brother Maxx set a fine example for you girls, and you're growing up to be wonderful kitties, too.

Bless you! And your centaur!


Anonymous said...

oooohhh....Arthur J would be soooo proud.
Doing their homework without being asked...


Silver Ross said...

OOh ! Mlle. Madeleine!

The sight of your magnificent tummy gives me the shivers!

You are growing up to be one scrumptious gurl!

Silver, otherwise sensible fellow (except for you.)