Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dueling kittehs

Maddie isn't into the whole "pistols drawn at dawn" thing.

But Ripley is ready to rock 'n roll.


Plum Pudding said...

fighting words froms the lovelies!

four legs good said...

She's a pistol, that one.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

To Sandy-LA 90034,

Thx for saying downbelow that you like to read my jokes.
Or "attempts at humor" as the stuffy humans say.

I learned to write sitting on my cat perch beside my human's desk chair. She learned to type one-handed so she could pet me when needed.

Silkey, clever kitteh

Silver Ross said...

Dual/duel? What is this?

Did Toby the Troll insult our beautiful Plushy Kittens?

Did the Rethuglican trolling hack harass our gently reared Southern gurlz? (Ok, the "gently reared" didn't stick to Ms. Chainsaw. We know you tried, good Centaur.)

Let me know where this Toby lurks, and I will claw him to bloody shreds in defense of Madeleine and Ripley!

And I have six claws on each paw to do it with!
I am a roving menace to evil-doers!

Silver, warrior Cat

War On War Off said...

So the stupid little nazi backed off, I take it?

four legs good said...

He says he got banned. What a goofball.

Silver, stupid troll challenged 4lgs "too a dual" and Ripley just wants to defend me.

She's brave that way.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

"She learned to type one-handed so she could pet me when needed."

What a clever, caring human you have Silkey Cat Ross!

We are the fortunate recipients of her superior consideration in teaching you the use of a computer to communicate with Ripley and Maddie.

Your wisdom benefits both Maddie and Ripley and your admiration of their virtues touches me every time I read your comments.

Looking forward to continuing to hear from you and Silver in the future.